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About Us

CETEES was formed from the timeless and unparalleled wisdom of Dr. Clifford E. Turner.  A prolific and pioneering pastor, teacher, author, Emmy Award winning writer, producer, director, and mentor to thousands. Dr. Turner’s wisdom, writings, books, television series and ministry helped to transform millions of lives.  We have taken some of that wisdom and formed CETEES. 

The CETEES brand promotes freedom, truth, excellence, and living life to the fullest.  Your support of CETEES helps us to continue the legacy of Dr. Clifford E. Turner to give a voice to the marginalized and a hand to the hurting and the hungry. 

We believe fashion is a statement and not a style.  You will find many messages that need to be heard in the CETEES brand.  Let your Tshirt speak for itself. Find your statement. Promote your freedom.